Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked by our clients

  • How does the deposit process work?

    The deposit process will only take a few minutes. You can use a bank wire, some of the most popular eWallets, and major debit/credit cards. Bullquote offers a choice of secure deposit options.

  • How long does it take for the deposit to show up in my account?

    Your deposit will be completed instantly if you use an eWallet or credit/debit card. If you use a bank wire, it could take up to 5 days for the funds to show up in your trading account.

  • How do withdrawals work?

    You will have to verify your identity and place of residence before being able to make withdrawals. Once your account is verified, you will have to fill out the withdrawal form and submit it through our website.

  • How long does it take for withdrawals to be completed?

    Requests for withdrawals will usually be completed within 24 hours. Please ensure you have completed the verification process before you make a withdrawal request.

  • Am I able to cancel a withdrawal request?

    You will still be able to cancel your request for withdrawal if its status is still pending. Simply go to the My Account area on the website and cancel the withdrawal request accordingly.

  • How do I request a withdrawal?

    First, make sure you have fully verified your trading account. This will ensure the withdrawal process is completed without any issues or delays. Verifying your account will require that you submit proof of identity and proof of residence. In some instances, you may need to provide other documentation. However, you will only need to go through the verification process once and will not need to do so for future withdrawals. Verifying your account as soon as possible will help to avoid any delays in receiving your money.

  • What currency does my trading account need to be in?

    The base currency for your trading account with Bullquote can be USD, EUR, GBP, or AUD. However, you can still use your local currency, no matter which currency it is, to fund your account. If you have any questions or issues regarding your account’s base currency, just contact our customer service team.

  • Does my deposit show up in my trading account right away?

    our funds will be reflected in your account instantly if you use a credit/debit card or an eWallet to deposit the funds. However, if you use a bank wire to make the deposit, it could take a few days for the capital to show up in your trading account. If you have any issues or questions regarding deposits, simply contact our customer service team.

  • Can I add more virtual funds to my demo account?

    Yes, you can. Please contact our customer support team and let them know you would like more virtual funds for your demo account.

  • Do I have to worry about hidden fees?

    No, there is no need to worry about encountering any hidden fees whatsoever.

  • What are the advantages of opening a trading account with Bullquote?

    We are highly recognized by financial professionals all over the world as one of the best trading platforms available. The Bullquote platform’s interface has been designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Even beginner traders will easily be able to start utilizing our powerful features right away without any problems. Our trade executions are incredibly fast while offering tight spreads and almost no fees at all.

  • Can I practice with a demo account?

    Yes, with Bullquote you have the option of practicing with a demo account using virtual funds before you invest any real capital. Our demo account functions exactly like a live account with real-time live market data. There is, however, no risk of losing money on a demo account.

  • Can I use my mobile device to trade?

    The Bullquote platform is fully compatible with mobile devices. Therefore, you will be able to access your trading account from anywhere and whenever you want.

  • What type of software is required?

    There is no software required since our platform is fully web-based. This means there is no need to download any software at all. This will also enable you to trade from your mobile device.

  • Can I have multiple trading accounts?

    Yes, you can have multiple accounts with the Bullquote platform.

  • What is the minimum required initial deposit?

    Only $250 is required as a minimum deposit for you to start trading with the powerful Bullquote platform.

  • How do I register for a new trading account?

    The registration process usually only takes a few minutes. Simply click on “Register” and provide the requested personal information on the registration form. Submit your completed form via our website. You will be ready to start trading once we have confirmed your email address and identity.

  • How do I reset my password?

    Simply click on “Forgot My Password” which can be found on the Login section of our website. Then, follow the prompts provided.

  • Can I change my account’s base currency?

    No, you are not able to change the base currency for an account. However, you do have the option of opening a new account with the base currency you prefer.

  • Can I change the leverage on my trading account?

    Yes, you can. Simply contact our support team and let them know how much leverage you prefer, and we will assess this accordingly.

  • What currencies can be held in my account?

    Your account can be funded with your local currency. However, the base currency can only be held in USD, EUR, AUD, or GBP.

  • How can I change my account details?

    Simply contact our support team and a representative will help you navigate the process.

  • Can I find out more about account types?

    Information on the various available types of accounts can be found on the “Account Types” page. Also, our customer service team can provide answers to your questions regarding account types.

  • Can I change my account type?

    Yes, you will be able to upgrade your account type if you meet the required criteria for each account type. Please contact customer support should you require more information and assistance.

  • Am I allowed to trade on my spouse’s account?

    Yes, however, you will need to obtain the consent of your spouse. You will also need to have the necessary passwords. Additionally, it may be necessary to contact us to verify your relationship with your spouse.

  • What documents do I need to provide to verify my account?

    Two documents are needed to verify your account. One document required is for Proof of Identity (POI). A coloured copy of your identifying document issued by a government is acceptable. This can be an ID card or a passport. The second required document is for Proof of Address (POA). The POA document has to be no older than 3 months and it must also display your full name and address which matches the details provided during the account registration. A POA document can be a bank statement or a utility or gas bill.

  • Why are verification documents required?

    Bullquote adheres to Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and anti-money laundering standards. We also need to ensure your financial data and personal information are secure at all times.