Investors have the option of trading commodities which are raw materials and resources that are utilized throughout the global economy. Learn more about commodities trading.

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Understanding Commodities

Commodities have been traded by humans for thousands of years. These raw materials and resources have played an essential role in the development of human society and economies around the world. At first, trading commodities was quite simple with people simply trading one resource for another. However, this formed the basis of what is now the highly advanced and financialized commodities trading markets.

The financial markets nowadays give investors the opportunity to trade a large variety of commodities. Some of these include metals such as gold, silver, copper, and platinum. Energies are also available for trading, including oil and natural gas. Investors can also trade agricultural products, such as cotton, wheat, and coffee. Another type of tradable commodity is livestock which includes beef and pork.

CFDs play a large role in the commodities trading markets. Traders prefer CFDs because they allow investors to speculate on future market movements in the commodities markets without having to actually take possession of the underlying asset being traded.

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